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Winter Respiratory Hub 

The Forest of Dean Primary Care Network will be offering face to face appointments for patients that are acutely unwell with a respiratory illness. 

These clinics will be available across the Forest of Dean during the week and on a Saturday morning. This is subject to availability with clinical staff. They may not be at the same location every day. 

These appointments are bookable by contacting your practice. The receptionist/ care navigator will ask you some questions prior to booking you into these clinics to ensure you meet the booking criteria. Please respect the receptionist/ care navigator, they have been trained to ask these questions prior to booking patients in. The criteria has been signed off by a clinical team. If you do not meet the booking criteria, you may be referred to a local pharmacy to be seen by the clinical pharmacist or seen within your practice subject. 

You can find some resource information on keeping well this winter:

We highly recommend that you have a read of them


Adults- How can i manage my common infection

Children- Caring for Children with Coughs

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