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Roles in your GP Surgery

There are lots of different kinds of healthcare professionals working in your GP surgery, besides your GP.  They each have distinct roles and specialist skills.  When you contact the surgery, you will be offered an appointment with the person who is best placed to help your needs.  This is why the person you first speak with when you contact the surgery may ask what you need help with.

Each GP surgery chooses which professionals it wants to be part of its team, based on the needs within the local community.  Your GP surgery may host some, but not all of these roles. 


Watch the video about the different kinds of health professionals you may find working at your surgery.

You can click on each of the different roles below to find out more about what they do and how their specialist skills can help you.

The uptake of telephone and online appointments is just one of the ways GP surgeries are changing the way they work.  Other professionals, like those listed above, also now typically work from many surgeries.  These new ways of working are helping to increase patient access to their local GP surgery.

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