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Community Pharmacy

Learn more about the Community Pharmacy Consultation Service.

GP Practice Staff are able to refer people to for a consultation with a local pharmacist. This allows people with a minor illness or who require an urgent supply of their regular medicines can get these quickly and safely.


Pharmacists are experts in medicines and managing minor illness. A consultation with a pharmacist means that you can be seen today at a pharmacy of your choosing.


What happens next?

We will send your details and information about your condition to the pharmacy you have chosen.


The pharmacy will contact you by phone to arrange your consultation with the pharmacist.


You will then have a consultation and be assessed by the pharmacist in a private consultation room.

How will the pharmacist help?

Pharmacists are highly skilled healthcare professionals.


If the pharmacist thinks you need to see another healthcare professional (eg GP, dentist, optician), they will help to arrange this.


The pharmacist can provide advice and reassurance on how to manage your condition. Many minor illnesses get better on their own. If the pharmacist thinks you need treatment to help with your symptoms, they may recommend an over-the-counter medicine.


If you are seeing them because you have run out of your usual medicine, they can help arrange a new supply.


The pharmacist will send the outcome of your consultation to your GP to ensure your GP record is updated.

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