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Spring Covid Vaccination Programme

Who can have the spring vaccination?

The spring vaccination is available to those who are most vulnerable to COVID-19:

  • people aged 75 and older (by 30 June 2024)

  • residents of care homes for older people

  • people aged 6 months and over who have a weakened immune system*


Vaccinations in care homes for older adults began from the week of 15 April. Other eligible people will be invited to book their spring vaccination soon, with appointments starting from 22 April.


* You may be eligible for the vaccine if you have a disorder affecting your immune system, are undergoing immunosuppressive treatment, such as for cancer, or are taking medications that increase your risk of infection. You can check the summary of health conditions, treatments and medications that can cause a weakened immune system on the NHS website.

You will be contacted by your practice if you are eligible for Spring Covid Vaccination. Please do not contact them 

Please follow the link below for information on the Spring Covid Vaccination Programme in Gloucestershire

Covid Vaccination Programme

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