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COVID/Flu Vaccination Programme

Plans to deliver the Autumn Covid and Flu Vaccination Programmes in the Forest of Dean are well underway.

Please DO NOT contact your GP Practice just to ask about your Covid jab.  Everyone who is eligible to receive a Covid vaccination will receive an invitation to book an appointment slot when it is their turn.  The invite may be from your GP Practice or from another local NHS Service. 

Initial priority for the Covid vaccine will be given to care home residents and those who are housebound, followed by those who are most at risk, including those who are immunosuppressed due to existing health conditions.  Carers, pregnant women, people with certain health conditions and health and social care staff will all be among the groups to be offered a Covid and flu jab this winter, as well as adults aged 65 and over.  Please be assured you will be contacted when it is your turn.

You may be offered both Covid and flu vaccinations at the same appointment.

Flu vaccines will be given to children aged two and three starting in early September, and children of primary school age with secondary school pupils up to year 11 to follow later in the Autumn/Winter.

Parents of children in reception and years 1 to 6 will be invited to give consent for their children to have a nasal spray via the School Vaccination Programme.  Parents of children aged two or three should receive an invite via their GP practice.  Find out more about the School Vaccination Programme.

If you are eligible for one or both of these vaccines, it is really important to take up the offer as soon as you receive your invitation to reduce your risk of becoming unwell.   

Please find below a list of those eligible for Covid and/or flu vaccinations:

  • residents in a care home for older adults and staff working in care homes for older adults (Covid booster and flu jab)

  • frontline health and social care workers (Covid booster and flu jab)

  • all adults aged 65 years and over (Covid booster and flu jab)

  • people aged 5 to 64 years with certain health conditions (Covid booster and flu jab)

  • persons aged 5 to 64 years who are household contacts of people with a severely weakened immune system (Covid booster and flu jab)

  • people who receive a carer's allowance, or are the main carer of an older or disabled person who may be at risk if you get sick (Covid booster and flu jab)

  • pregnant women (Covid booster and flu jab)

  • two and three year olds (flu nasal spray)

  • primary school and secondary school pupils up to year 11 (flu nasal spray, delivered by the school vaccination programme.

How to access a Covid/Flu Vaccination in the Forest of Dean

  • Via a local vaccination service - All those eligible will be contacted by either their GP Practice or by a local NHS service.  Please note these appointments are not available on the National Booking System (NBS), you will receive an invite directly when it is your turn.  You may be offered both the Covid and flu vaccinations at the same appointment.

  • Via the National Booking System (NBS) - Some people may choose to book an appointment at a community pharmacy across the county using the NBS telephone number and website (NBS Website - open from the 18th September).

Additional Covid Vaccinations for people with a severely weakened immune system

If you develop a new health condition or start treatment that severely weakens your immune system, you may need additional protection outside of the seasonal vaccination programme.


If you are eligible your GP and/or Specialist doctor will discuss this with you and refer you for vaccination if you choose to take up the offer.  If you believe you are eligible but have not yet been referred, please discuss this with your GP or specialist.


More Information


Find out more about Covid vaccines on the NHS Website.

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